Recent Posts

Launching the ICT4D Guide

4 minute read

Soft launch of the publicly-available ICT4D Guide with links to nearly 1,000 resources for the ICT4D staffers around the world.

Hidden, Simple Signals

3 minute read

Been thinking about the prevalence of simple signals, hidden or obvious, all around us that we often take for granted. Signals, for example, that are more basic than what we normally think of in typical speech and writing—binary.

Inverting Innovation

6 minute read

Reflecting on the direction of ‘innovation’ after working at an ‘Office of Innovation’ for two years.

Ten Concepts Everyone in ICT4D Should Know

7 minute read

ICT4D can be a daunting field to start out in. For me, I find that I keep coming back to some of the same concepts fairly often as I discuss particular projects, challenges, and trends. These are just a few sampling of those concepts.

Designing, Printing, Making a Thing

1 minute read

A light reflection on some of my recent work in building a product, launching a Kickstarter, applying for a patent, and starting a business.

14 Must Read Books for Careers in International Development

4 minute read

I was recently asked by a group of Peace Corps Volunteers to come up with a list of must-read books in international development that would be helpful for understanding the landscape as a whole, particularly for beginners. In no particular order – I came up with a few.

The Long Tail of International Development

7 minute read

The long-term impact of international development is measured not in the sweeping programs and easily quantifiable statistics of projects and head-counts, but in the innumerable whole of one-off interactions, experiences, and perspectives whose seeds are sown in the catalyst of field-workers, volunteers, and entrepreneurs.