Recent Posts

Peace Corps in-a-Box

2 minute read

Peace Corps Volunteers in the field have access to digital tools and devices, but often (very) limited connectivity (either in infrastructure or in prohibitive costs). The Peace Corps in-a-Box project puts all of these digital resources in one place for easy retrieval and downloading – as USB documents, or on a portable low-cost computer like the Raspberry Pi.

Building a ‘Firehose’ of 800 Volunteer Blogs

1 minute read

In order to stay current with volunteers around the world, I worked to collect all the RSS feeds of volunteer blogs and feed them into an RSS reader. These are the steps I took to assemble and curate over 800 blogs of Americans serving overseas.

ICTD 2015

5 minute read

Blogging the updates from the the 2015 ICT(4)D Conference in Singapore.

Expat Recipes

2 minute read

Since the beginning of Peace Corps, Volunteers in every country have been collecting, creating, and passing on recipes and local food and cooking insights to other volunteers. What has emerged is a vast (and disorganized) collection of recipes, cookbooks, and tools and techniques from around the world. What would it take to centralize this incredible collection?

Designing a Volunteer Matching App

3 minute read

Used the ‘Diaspora Day of Civic Hacking’ to prototype an idea we had to design a better and more engaging way to match possible Peace Corps volunteers with projects around the world.

3D Printing for Social Good

2 minute read

3D printing is getting a lot of attention recently—and for good reason. One area that has not yet been greatly explored is the application of 3D-printing technologies and tools for use in the social and economic development sector. I outline my involvement with TechChange and discuss some of my recent thoughts on the topic.

Peace Corps Landing Page Concept

5 minute read

A high-def mockup/concept for a new Peace Corps landing page – built using Sketch. I was tapped by Peace Corps’ Director of Digital Integration to come up with a concept for a new Peace Corps landing page – a modern home-page on what we currently have.

Building a Dynamic, Engaging Dashboard in Excel

7 minute read

A walkthrough of how I worked with Peace Corps’ Third Goal team (to bring back stories and experiences and cultural appreciation to the U.S.) to build a responsive dashboard that captured our impact month by month—all in Excel!

Building a Stomp Out Malaria Map

3 minute read

Designing, building, and deploying a real-time map visualization for Volunteer activities focused on malaria education in their communities using a Google Spreadsheet, and some JavaScript magic.