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Designing Country Summary Infographics

1 minute read

Peace Corps works in around 66 countries at any given point in time. We needed a way to be able to quickly communicate our programs in a country – the history, the number of Volunteers, the types of projects, etc. This was my task of coming up with a visual design for a Peace Corps post on-demand.

Global CMS for Peace Corps – ‘Peace Corps Live’

16 minute read

How to build a global knowledge-sharing platform for Volunteers. PCLive is a platform for Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff to share, create, and learn from the collective resources of the Peace Corps Community.

Mobile Technologies and the Volunteer Potential

5 minute read

An article I wrote in my capacity at Peace Corps for the mEducation Alliance on the role of Peace Corps Volunteers as last-mile enablers and facilitators for mobile technologies.

Peace Corps Volunteers Using Digital Devices

12 minute read

Modern-day volunteers use more than notebooks and pencils—they come equipped with smartphones, computers, and useful digital electronics. In many ways, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of these device as useful tools during the volunteer service. This essay addresses some of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Maintenance and Repair in the Developing World

3 minute read

A snapshot of the ICT4D research I helped conduct in 2010 where we looked, among other things, at the rapid diffusion of communications technologies in two locales in the Global South (Madagascar and Namibia) and how they shaped / were being shaped by the ideas of repair, fixability, and ongoing systems of maintenance. This experience built upon two years of living/working in Madagascar.