Peace Corps Photo Mosaic

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This past week, I helped to create Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet’s slide-deck presentation that she delivered at the Peace Corps Global Leadership Summit.

Peace Corps Photo Mosaic Large

A lot of time went into the project, and she gave a really wonderful presentation. I’m happy to say that the slide-deck presentation went over quite well, and a lot of folks have been asking me about how I did a few of the components of it.

One thing that folks particularly liked was the Peace Corps photo mosaic about halfway into the speech (where she talked about all being a part of “One Team”). In the presentation, it’s essentially just starts with a grid of unrecognizable photos, and zooms out slowly to reveal a photo mosaic of the Peace Corps logo, made up of Peace Corps-related photos.

I loved the idea of doing an animation like this – and it’s been on my list of things to do for a while.

To achieve the effect, I basically needed just a couple of things: the official logo…and a bunch of images. Like, 1000s, if I wanted it to work correctly.

I used the “patch” logo as the base and got around 6,000 photos that were available at the Peace Corps Media Library. I vacuumed up the relevant photos using the wonderful Site Sucker, and then stitched it all together with Mazaika Lite (after trying a few others and landing on this one).

Finally, I imported the huge image into Adobe Premier and did a basic zoom out over 14 seconds or so (the time I knew it would take in her speech.)

The final addition of a caption and title was done in Keynote to match the rest of the presentation.

To throw it up here in gif form, I simply used Gif Brewery on a Mac.

Et voila.

Peace Corps Photo Mosaic Gif